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Latest Cd albums


~ Magnetica

Cat No: TRUCD286

Generation (CD)

~ Generation (CD)

Cat No: TRUCD285

Cd albums

  • Tradition In Transition

    Quantic & His Combo Barbaro
    ~ Tradition In Transition


    Quantic may be keeping the world on its toes with a new band and a new name to get acquainted with, but you can always rely on that musical trailblazer to produce an equally new concoction of sounds t...

  • Stonephace

    ~ Stonephace


      Imagine if you started with one of the UKs most celebrated and bankable jazz saxophonists and frontline musical innovators, and he wrote all the music. Imagine if he then decided t...

  • This And That

    Lizzy Parks
    ~ This And That


    This And That, Lizzy Parks second album on Tru Thoughts, is a fully acoustic, heart stopping affair.  This & That flows between melodic, guitar-led ditties, and minimalistic moments of pure ...

  • The Exotic Delight Bay

    ~ The Exotic Delight Bay


    The Exotic Delight Bay is packed with the temperature -raising flavours and rhythms that Azaxx soaked up on his recent travels in Brazil. Stripped back and mixed with influences from old mambo an...

  • Sessions Featuring Keith & Julie Tippett

    Nostalgia 77
    ~ Sessions Featuring Keith & Julie Tippett


    Nostalgia 77 Sessions Featuring Keith & Julie Tippett is truly astounding!. The project sees prodigious producer Nostalgia 77 and close contemporary Riaan Vosloo (Nostalgia 77 Octet, Twelves Trio...

  • Side-Stepper

    The Bamboos
    ~ Side-Stepper


    Kylie Auldist, MC Ty, Megan Washington and Swedish soul sensation Paul MacInnes – add their own unique flavours to the brew. The first single, “King Of The Rodeo” featuring...

  • Boto And The Second Liners

    TM Juke
    ~ Boto And The Second Liners


    This is a fantastic new project from production Yoda TM Juke. His partner this time is Alice Russell and Bonobo drummer Jack Baker. Focusing on percussion and horns this killer new album ...

  • Driven From Distraction

    ~ Driven From Distraction


    Hint is back with Driven From Distraction - his first full album on Tru Thoughts. This killer mix of instrumental and vocal tracks sees Hint exploring the eclectic styles of music that have exci...

  • One Offs, Remixes & B-Sides

    Nostalgia 77
    ~ One Offs, Remixes & B-Sides


    Nostalgia 77’s “One Offs, Remixes and B-Sides” is Benedic Lamdin’s 9th full length release on Tru Thoughts. Testament to his acute and original musical talent and prolific a...

  • Death Of Revolution

    Quantic Presents Flowering Inferno
    ~ Death Of Revolution


    Brand new material from the busiest man in showbiz! Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno is the latest in the constantly evolving series of musical outings from the unstoppable Will Holland - aka ...

  • The Art Of Vibration

    Natural Self
    ~ The Art Of Vibration


    Personally, I think this is one of the finest albums from Tru Thoughts in 2008 - if not ever! This is a multi-faceted piece of work covering many aspects and styles music. All in the mix are elements...

  • Just Say

    Kylie Auldist
    ~ Just Say


    SIGNED KYLIE AULDIST CD'S! *We only have 3 signed copies* **We strongly recommend Recorded Delivery on these signed items as they are not replaceable** “Just Say” is Kylie Auldist ...

  • Saravah Soul

    Saravah Soul
    ~ Saravah Soul


    Out of the rich cultural melting-pot of London s underground music scene comes the exciting and original sound of SARAVAH SOUL. This half-Brazilian, half-British outfit, singing in both English a...

  • Shapes 07:02

    Various Artists
    ~ Shapes 07:02


    The second Shapes compilation of 2007 ranks as one of the best! Gems on this disc include Vadims mix of Belleruche, Pth Projects mix of Up Hygh and a couple of Drum & Bass mixes from the scen...

  • Weapons Of Jazz Destruction

    Nostalgia 77 Octet
    ~ Weapons Of Jazz Destruction


    Weapons Of Jazz Destruction follows on in the same vein from previous releases from both Nostalgia 77 and the Nostalgia 77 Octet. But shows a slight lunge back to his earlier, darker moments of musica...

  • Floating Heavy

    Me & You
    ~ Floating Heavy


    TM Juke (solo artist and producer co-writer of Alice Russell) & Robert Luis (A&R and Co-Owner of Tru-Thoughts) are the joint force which is me&you. The duo first colla...



  • I\\\
  • Make A Change Image
  • Cookie Dough Image
  • Ain\
  • Square Records 4: Nirobi Edits Image
  • Archipelago Remixes Part 2 Image
  • Night Walks SIGNED Image
  • Dr Who ft Tenor Fly Image
  • Ghost Town / Steamin Blues (Japanese Special Edition) Image
  • Rollerchain [Limited Bundle] Image
  • Shapes 10:02 Image
  • Sing (If You Want It) Image
  • Shapes 10:01 - Signed by Rob Luis Image
  • Special EP - [SIGNED by Zed Bias/Maddslinky, Omar & Scruff] Image
  • Archipelago Remixes Image
  • Generation (CD) Image
  • MICroscope Image
  • Birth Of The Nanopack [Bundle] Image
  • Sneaker Culture Image
  • Rollerchain [CD] Image
  • Quantic & His Combo Pack Image
  • Success ft Harleighblu / Live Up Image
  • One Offs...Remixes & B Sides SIGNED Image
  • Muevelo Negro / Nanguita (Vinyl) Image
  • Death Of The Revolution (Vinyl) Image
  • The Rhythmagic Orchestra [Hand Numbered & Signed] Image
  • In East London Image
  • Black Gold Image
  • I\
  • The Best Of Quantic 2xLP Image
  • Badness ft. Skream/Trouble In The Streets ft. Mark Pritchard Image
  • Muevelo Negro / Nanguita (Striped Vinyl) Image
  • Forget Me Not (CD) Image
  • Look Around The Corner (LP)  Image
  • Her 12 Faces Image
  • Chapters Image
  • Neon Hurts My Eyes Image
  • In East London Image
  • Simmerdown SIGNED Image
  • Aint Nobody (Vinyl) Image
  • Look Around The Corner Image
  • To Dust CD Japanese Pressing Image
  • The Sleepwalking Society Image
  • Ham Hocks & Beans Image
  • Sol Clap/Time Is The Enemy  Image
  • Mi Swing Es Tropical ft. Tempo & The Candela Allstars Image
  • Shapes:Circles (CD) Image
  • 20 Questions (CD) Image
  • Magnetica Image
  • Tru Thoughts Funk Image
  • Magnetica Image
  • Pax Volumi (CD) Image
  • One Offs...Remixes & B Sides (Vinyl) Image
  • Mishaps Happening Image
  • Aint Nobody (CD) Image
  • Sonic Switch Image
  • Doo Wop (That Thing) Image
  • Everyday Grind EP Image
  • Mofongo Para El Alma Image
  • 20 Questions (Vinyl) Image
  • Tombstone CD Japanese Pressing Image
  • Examples Of Twelves Trilogy Image
  • Everything Under The Sun Image
  • Beats, Treats And All Things Unique Image
  • Rock With The Hot 8 Image
  • Pax Volumi (Vinyl) Image
  • A Journey Too Far (Limited Bundle) Image
  • The Shapes Collection Image
  • Shapes:Circles (Vinyl) Image
  • Sleepin Giantz Image
  • April Song (Hand Numbered Overstock) Image
  • A Journey Too Far (Limited Bundle) Image
  • Gangster Chronicles: Unreleased EP Image
  • MDO Image
  • Gangster Chronicles: The Definitive Collection Image
  • The Sleepwalking Society Image
  • Sonic Switch Image
  • Make Your Peace Image
  • Flight E.P [2x10inch] Image
  • Make A Change SIGNED Image
  • Shapes:Circles (CD) Image
  • Tombstone (CD) Image
  • When Shapes Join Together 2 Image
  • Look Around The Corner [Bundle] Image
  • Biasonic Hotsauce - Birth Of The Nanocloud Image
  • The 5th Exotic Image
  • Signed Print + CD Image
  • The 5th Exotic Image
  • The Best Of Quantic Image
  • Black Gold Image
  • Crash & Burn / Aliens Enter Image
  • Off The Beaten Track Image
  • Duvido feat Pongo Love Image
  • Clockwatching -  SIGNED BY THE BAND Image
  • Best Of (CD) Image
  • A Journey Too Far (CD) Image
  • Apricot Morning Image
  • The Liberty E.P - SIGNED Image
  • London Posse Bundle Image
  • 270 Stories Image
  • Id Cry/Here Again Image
  • SXSW Compilation Image
  • Look Around The Corner (CD)  Image
  • Cant Kill A Dame With Soul Image
  • Magnetica (Limited Bundle) Image
  • Signed Poster By The Band + CD Image
  • Sunbeam Insulin Image
  • Rollerchain [DLP] Image
  • Archipelago Image
  • Cant Kill A Dame With Soul Image
  • The 5th Exotic Image
  • Shapes 10:02 - Signed by Rob Luis Image
  • Stampede Remix EP Image
  • Make Your Peace SIGNED  Image
  • Animal Magic Image
  • They Shall Inherit Image
  • Night Walks Image
  • They Shall Inherit Image
  • Beats, Treats And All Things Unique Image
  • Dog With A Rope SIGNED Image
  • I\\\
  • Sweet Calling Image
  • A Journey Too Far (Vinyl) Image
  • London Posse Bundle Image
  • Through These Eyes / Life In The Rain [TP] Image
  • Square Records 5: Nirobi Edits Image
  • Hip Hop En Cumbia Image
  • Take The Space Trane Image
  • Bonobo - Animal Magic & One Offs...Remixes & B Sides Bundle (Vinyl) Image
  • The Best Of Quantic (PRE-ORDER) Image
  • Muevelo Negro / Nanguita (Red Vinyl) Image
  • Animal Magic SIGNED Image
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