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Latest Cd albums


~ Magnetica

Cat No: TRUCD286

Cd albums

  • The Sleepwalking Society

    Nostalgia 77
    ~ The Sleepwalking Society


    ‘The Sleepwalking Society’ comes almost four years after ‘Everything Under The Sun’ - the last Nostalgia 77 proper studio album – in which time&n...

  • 270 Stories

    ~ 270 Stories


    270 Stories is Belleruche s third album.  The first single “Clockwatching” has made people sit up and pay attention, and the same fresh, exciting feel runs through the album. 27...

  • Night Walks

    Hidden Orchestra
    ~ Night Walks


    Night Walks is the stunning debut album from Hidden Orchestra. The driving force behind the Edinburgh-based band is the acute artistic vision of Joe Acheson, a classically trained multi-ins...

  • Tru Thoughts Compilation

    Various Artists
    ~ Tru Thoughts Compilation


    Tru Thoughts Compilation brings together some of the most popular songs on the Tru Thoughts catalogue and a sprinkling of timeless instrumentals. Wether it is from world-respected acts...

  • Shapes 10:01

    Various Artists
    ~ Shapes 10:01


    The latest installment of the legendary Shapes series is another 2 disc selection hand picked by Robert Luis. Disc one is a more laid back affair with new material from Quantic,&n...

  • Dog With A Rope

    Quantic Presents Flowering Inferno
    ~ Dog With A Rope


    Dog With A Rope is the 2nd album from the Quantic dub latin studio project Flowering Inferno. Quantic introduced this project the world with 2008s highly acclaimed Death Of The Re...

  • Tru Thoughts 10th anniversary Mix Cut By JFB

    Various Artists
    ~ Tru Thoughts 10th anniversary Mix Cut By JFB


    An hour long showcase of the massive selection of tracks from the Tru Thoughts 10th Anniversary 3 CD.This nugget is cut up into an explosive mix by former DMC Champion JFB JFB gained the title of&nbs...

  • 10th Anniversary 3CD Box Set

    Various Artists
    ~ 10th Anniversary 3CD Box Set


    Please note this album is exclusive to CD A stellar 3 CD compilation celebrating 10 years and 200 releases of quality independent music. Tru Thoughts Recordings released its first ever 12”, the...

  • Made Of Stone

    Kylie Auldist
    ~ Made Of Stone


    Kylie Auldist possesses the kind of powerful yet nuanced soul voice that comes along only once in a while, and when you have heard it once you never quite forget it. On her second album, Mad...

  • Shapes 09:01

    Various Artists
    ~ Shapes 09:01


     Tru Thoughts first Shapes compilation of 2009 is a rather massive 29 track double CD collection. Featuring a selection of current highlights, remixes and exclusive tracks from act...

  • 27 Devils

    ~ 27 Devils


    This album is truly a melting pot of styles and sounds, glorious songs and dancefloor bombs, seeing this multi-instrumentalist going totally sample-free and taking the plunge into full live instrument...

  • Listen! Hear!! Live!!!

    The Bamboos
    ~ Listen! Hear!! Live!!!


    The clip is not from this show but you get the idea!  Tight.  Super-tight!!  Etch Shop Worldwide Exclusive. For any of you who have seen the Bamboos live show you will...

  • Rock With The Hot 8

    Hot 8 Brass Band
    ~ Rock With The Hot 8


    Keep your eyes on Treme season 2 for appearences from the band.  Far from being a one trick pony, this is an accomplished album that fuses a unique blend of marching brass, jazz, funk, soul and ...

  • Tropidelico

    The Quantic Soul Orchestra
    ~ Tropidelico


    Still irresistibly funky but Will Holland has been on his travels and Tropidelico has some of the Worlds finest musicians on it s books. Heavily influenced by Will s current residence, Colombia, this ...

  • Turntable Soul Music

    ~ Turntable Soul Music


    Belleruche are a fantastic new signing to Tru Thoughts. They describe their sound as handmade hip hop blues soul, like Sarah Vaughan, Charlie Christian and Cut Chemist stuck in a dusty second han...

  • Soul Search

    Freddie Cruger Aka Red Astaire
    ~ Soul Search


    Released in conjunction with the highly influential Swedish label, Raw Fusion, Tru Thoughts present the debut album by Freddie Cruger, aka Red Astaire. Already a firm favourite with th...



  • Gangster Chronicles: The Definitive Collection Image
  • Square Records 5: Nirobi Edits Image
  • Her 12 Faces Image
  • Cant Kill A Dame With Soul Image
  • Archipelago Remixes Part 2 Image
  • Mi Swing Es Tropical ft. Tempo & The Candela Allstars Image
  • Through These Eyes / Life In The Rain [TP] Image
  • In East London Image
  • Success ft Harleighblu / Live Up Image
  • The 5th Exotic Image
  • Biasonic Hotsauce - Birth Of The Nanocloud Image
  • Death Of The Revolution (Vinyl) Image
  • MICroscope Image
  • A Journey Too Far (Limited Bundle) Image
  • 20 Questions (CD) Image
  • Stampede Remix EP Image
  • One Offs...Remixes & B Sides SIGNED Image
  • Special EP - [SIGNED by Zed Bias/Maddslinky, Omar & Scruff] Image
  • In East London Image
  • Ghost Town / Steamin Blues (Japanese Special Edition) Image
  • One Offs...Remixes & B Sides (Vinyl) Image
  • Shapes 10:02 - Signed by Rob Luis Image
  • Shapes:Circles (Vinyl) Image
  • I\\\
  • They Shall Inherit Image
  • Aint Nobody (CD) Image
  • The Liberty E.P - SIGNED Image
  • Birth Of The Nanopack [Bundle] Image
  • Archipelago Remixes Image
  • Muevelo Negro / Nanguita (Striped Vinyl) Image
  • Look Around The Corner Image
  • Ham Hocks & Beans Image
  • Pax Volumi (CD) Image
  • Animal Magic SIGNED Image
  • Archipelago Image
  • I\\\
  • Cookie Dough Image
  • Neon Hurts My Eyes Image
  • Muevelo Negro / Nanguita (Red Vinyl) Image
  • London Posse Bundle Image
  • A Journey Too Far (Limited Bundle) Image
  • Mishaps Happening Image
  • Mofongo Para El Alma Image
  • Flight E.P [2x10inch] Image
  • Tombstone CD Japanese Pressing Image
  • Magnetica (Limited Bundle) Image
  • Quantic & His Combo Pack Image
  • Shapes:Circles (CD) Image
  • Make Your Peace Image
  • The 5th Exotic Image
  • Gangster Chronicles: Unreleased EP Image
  • Look Around The Corner [Bundle] Image
  • Rollerchain [CD] Image
  • Shapes 10:02 Image
  • Animal Magic Image
  • MDO Image
  • The Shapes Collection Image
  • Clockwatching -  SIGNED BY THE BAND Image
  • Rollerchain [DLP] Image
  • Sonic Switch Image
  • Take The Space Trane Image
  • Look Around The Corner (LP)  Image
  • Muevelo Negro / Nanguita (Vinyl) Image
  • Cant Kill A Dame With Soul Image
  • Apricot Morning Image
  • Square Records 4: Nirobi Edits Image
  • Tombstone (CD) Image
  • Black Gold Image
  • SXSW Compilation Image
  • Hip Hop En Cumbia Image
  • Make Your Peace SIGNED  Image
  • Forget Me Not (CD) Image
  • Ain\
  • Crash & Burn / Aliens Enter Image
  • Sweet Calling Image
  • Everyday Grind EP Image
  • I\
  • Off The Beaten Track Image
  • Id Cry/Here Again Image
  • London Posse Bundle Image
  • Sing (If You Want It) Image
  • Everything Under The Sun Image
  • Sol Clap/Time Is The Enemy  Image
  • Tru Thoughts Funk Image
  • The Rhythmagic Orchestra [Hand Numbered & Signed] Image
  • Sonic Switch Image
  • Examples Of Twelves Trilogy Image
  • A Journey Too Far (Vinyl) Image
  • The Best Of Quantic Image
  • Dr Who ft Tenor Fly Image
  • Signed Print + CD Image
  • Pax Volumi (Vinyl) Image
  • When Shapes Join Together 2 Image
  • Magnetica Image
  • Rollerchain [Limited Bundle] Image
  • Make A Change SIGNED Image
  • The 5th Exotic Image
  • 270 Stories Image
  • Chapters Image
  • The Sleepwalking Society Image
  • Badness ft. Skream/Trouble In The Streets ft. Mark Pritchard Image
  • Bonobo - Animal Magic & One Offs...Remixes & B Sides Bundle (Vinyl) Image
  • Night Walks Image
  • Generation (CD) Image
  • Rock With The Hot 8 Image
  • The Best Of Quantic 2xLP Image
  • Aint Nobody (Vinyl) Image
  • April Song (Hand Numbered Overstock) Image
  • A Journey Too Far (CD) Image
  • To Dust CD Japanese Pressing Image
  • Shapes:Circles (CD) Image
  • 20 Questions (Vinyl) Image
  • Shapes 10:01 - Signed by Rob Luis Image
  • Sleepin Giantz Image
  • Sneaker Culture Image
  • They Shall Inherit Image
  • Beats, Treats And All Things Unique Image
  • Simmerdown SIGNED Image
  • Magnetica Image
  • Duvido feat Pongo Love Image
  • Make A Change Image
  • Night Walks SIGNED Image
  • Sunbeam Insulin Image
  • Best Of (CD) Image
  • Doo Wop (That Thing) Image
  • Beats, Treats And All Things Unique Image
  • The Best Of Quantic (PRE-ORDER) Image
  • Signed Poster By The Band + CD Image
  • Dog With A Rope SIGNED Image
  • Black Gold Image
  • The Sleepwalking Society Image
  • Look Around The Corner (CD)  Image
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