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Que Me Duele?
~ Quantic & Nidia Gongora

  • Label: Tru Thoughts
  • Cat Number: TRUDD202


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“They have combined to produce something magical” - THE GUARDIAN


“Absolutely wonderful stuff” – LAUREN LAVERNE (BBC 6MUSIC)

“The magic touch!” – ERIC LAWRENCE (KCRW)

                                                                            ...previous praise for Quantic & Nidia Góngora’s collaborations


 “Que Me Duele?” is the irresistible lead single from ‘Curao’, the full collaborative LP from world-renowned British producer Quantic and Colombian folklore singer Nidia Góngora – who has regularly fronted Quantic’s high profile live ensembles in recent years as well as contributing to some of his most popular tracks.

 “Que Me Duele?” showcases the captivating songwriting, infectiously danceable rhythms and up-to-the minute production of this stunning LP – a record that brings a new and highly original interpretation of the unique, rich and mystical cultural traditions of the Colombian Pacific Coast.

 A track in the Chirimia style, which originates from the Choco region of the North West Pacific Coast of Colombia, “Que Me Duele?” (“What hurts me?” in English) finds Góngora reflecting, in her native Spanish, on life’s indefinable sorrows. I’m referring to the physical, mental and spiritual discomforts which we all have and which we don’t know how to perceive or cure in ourselves”, she explains. The crisp, uptempo instrumental track uses the ‘Levanta Polvo’ rhythm, which translates as ‘bring up the dust’ and is so called because it makes crowds dance so hard they kick up dust clouds – a legend that this powerful tune is set to live up to, as it builds in intensity towards a tripped-out synth-led crescendo.

 Fronting leading regional outfits including Grupo Canalon, Nidia Góngora is considered one of the most outstanding artists of the typical marimba music of the South Pacific coast and a guardian of the oral tradition of the music of the South Pacific – playing a key role as a counsellor and big sister for many younger groups from the region who are inspired by her work and technique.Now based in the city of Cali,Góngora was born into a musical family in the remote river village of Timbiquí – an Afro-Colombian community whose location and cultural contrasts provide endless inspiration for her songwriting (as featured on previous Quantic works including the popular Quantic & His Combo Bárbaro single “Un Canto A Mi Tierra” – and its breathtaking video, which has had over a million YouTube views).

 “Nidia has a very special story, and as a singer she embodies the spirit and ancestral treasures of her origin”, says Will “Quantic” Holland, who first became familiar with Góngora’s magnetic voice through the wall of his home when he lived in Cali (where he was based for seven years before recently moving to New York): I had a neighbour who used to play a song from a Grupo Canalon CD on repeat. From that moment I realised how unique and special Nidia’s voice was; then I got to know her compositions and lyrics, which are always very beautiful.”

With more than 15 albums to his name, Holland’s trailblazing work as a band leader, producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist has led The Guardian to describe him as fitting alongside global music adventurers such as Damon Albarn and DJ Gilles Peterson”, and Red Bull to enlist him for his own regular radio show (adding to heavy coverage across the world’s cultural media). His rare ability to interpret various genres and seek out fascinating collaborators has taken him from the early, funky days of The Quantic Soul Orchestra through his deep soul/jazz partnership with Alice Russell, to the Latin swing of the Cómbo Barbaro and his reggae- and dub-fuelled Flowering Inferno project, not to mention a host of cutting-edge electronic solo works and other projects in between. Regularly gracing some of the world’s greatest stages with festival and headline sets, he intertwines his many musical muses to incendiary effect.

 Holland’s work with Nidia Góngora has grown into of the most influential musical partnerships of his career to date; for Góngora’s part, her work with Quantic (which also includes featuring in his Ondatrópica side-project on Soundway Records) is the only project on which she has mixed outside influences into her beloved traditional style, and she is conscious of protecting its essence. “You have to be very careful to keep a balance, so that this music will not lose its feeling and significance”, she says, “but by performing songs from the indigenous and ancestral style, and recreating them through sounds that are modern and dynamic, I feel I can expose this musical proposition to a global space.”

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