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Memory Flux
~ Lost Midas

  • Label: Tru Thoughts
  • Cat Number: TRUDD088


Arrow Icon Love Undone (feat. Taylor O Donnell)Buy MP3 £0.50L 1
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The “Memory Flux” EP, out 2nd September, is the debut release from LA based producer Lost Midas, an exciting new addition to the Tru Thoughts roster. Ahead of the official EP release date, the entrancing lead song “Love Undone” will be launched publicly as a free download on 6th August, alongside a stunning video.

With influences ranging from a lifelong love of pop melodies and the ‘80s New Wave through J. Dilla to The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Lost Midas productions tread an aesthetic turf somewhere between Neon Indian and Bibio; irresistible and enduring ditties peeped through a shifting shroud of striking textures and idiosyncratic beats. Lost Midas is the alter ego of Jason Trikakis, who established himself as a hip hop drummer throughout his teens and into his ‘20s, mastering a range of instruments in the meantime (including his current favourite, the keys), on his way to developing an obsession with composition and the endless possibilities within the realm of electronic production. Initially stumped by queries of the “what kind of stuff do you make?” variety, Trikakis has coined the tag ‘electrofusion’ to describe his Lost Midas music.

“Memory Flux” announces this sound with three distinctive tracks, recorded in the beloved LA studio he shares with his brother (producer/DJ NüTrik), and mastered by the highly sought-after Daddy Kev (Low End Theory/Alpha Pup/Flying Lotus).

Ethereal earworm “Love Undone” boasts a delicate hook sung by Taylor O’Donnell, underpinned by a driving and compulsive rhythm. This is a sonic snapshot of Trikakis’ move to LA from his native Boston in 2011 - a major step forward in his creative life that came at the expense of a major relationship – and the lovelorn, unhinged state which overtook and almost unravelled him on that long journey West. The breathy, indie leaning vocal juxtaposed with an R&B beat and a palpable haze of synths, produces a petite slice of dream pop that wields hypnotic powers.

“Broken Piece Is” carries the floating, dreamlike vibe into a darker place, with a distorted vocal and layer up on layer of loose, hip hop inspired beats that reveal more quirky surprises and tougher new depths with each listen.

With the party most definitely started, third track “Dream Kiss” kicks straight in. Bearing the influence of New York bass producer Machinedrum in the kick drum pattern, within a stream-of-consciousness composition that is one part cerebral head-nodder and two parts dancefloor bomb, the shape-shifting arrangement keeps things suspenseful right up to the breakdown.

Trikakis’ precocious musical curiosity and talent led him to learn the drums as a child – inspired and taught by his cousin, a Berklee School of Music student – and he started seriously playing in bands in his early teens. As the anchor of popular hip hop and funk seven-piece the Press Project, which formed at university in New Hampshire, he had his first taste of full scale touring, including support for The Roots and backing for Slick Rick. A stint in indie rock band The Honors in the mid 2000s, along with various session work including for Nigerian vocalist Iyeoka, also widened his horizons.

Having decided to step out as a solo artist, Trikakis found himself one night in New York, where he met members of the Brainfeeder collective; feeling the magnetic pull of like minds, he made the move to LA almost overnight, a shake-up which would prove to inspire and crystallise the Lost Midas sound he’d been searching for. 

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