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Bottom Of The Bucket
~ Hot 8 Brass Band

  • Label: Tru Thoughts
  • Cat Number: TRUDD210


Arrow Icon Bottom Of The Bucket (Edit)Buy MP3 £0.50
Arrow Icon Bottom Of The BucketBuy MP3 £0.50


Praise for the ‘On The Spot’ album & tour:

“A triumphant return to the studio, brimming with raucous, sharp-edged attitude" - 4 STARS - THE OBSERVER

"Loose-limbed, hard-hitting... rhythms shimmy like a savvy street dancer and the horns play tight harmonies that glow like strong sunshine.” – THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

“The funkiest exponents of the New Orleans Mardi Gras tradition... the audience seemed to be in rapture."- THE TIMES

"Heroes of New Orleans streets, still proving their ingenuity and staying power" – VILLAGE VOICE

"Gives you a natural high that no drug could ever replicate." – POPMATTERS      

"Remarkably fresh" - 4 STARS - SONGLINES

“Bottom Of The Bucket” is the big-hitting single to be lifted from ‘On The Spot’, the fifth album by New Orleans’ Grammy-nominated Hot 8 Brass Band, which dropped in March 2017 to high praise from the likes of The Observer and Songlines to PopMatters and the Wall Street Journal.

With its beguiling loop-the-loop form and charismatic vocal refrain, “Bottom Of The Bucket” wasinspired by Hot 8’s experiences of trying to escape their trials and tribulations: “It’s like that story about crabs in a bucket”, says band leader Bennie Pete. “One gets to the top and the others will bring him back down. We tried everything we could to make it out. But whenever we tried, there was no one to help pull us out. We had to do it all on our own”. Percussion legend Alfred “Uganda” Roberts (a collaborator of Dr. John,Allen Toussaint and The Meters) also joins forces with Hot 8 on this track.

The single brings an exclusive Radio Edit of “Bottom Of The Bucket”, putting the attention-grabbing vocal hook centre-stage, amping up the strong connective power of this song and its story which is steeped in the experience of New Orleans.

 Buzzing with the spontaneous synchronicity which has fuelled their development from the streets of their hometown to the forefront of the global scene over two decades, ‘On The Spot’ has seen Hot 8 committing that live sound and spirit to record like never before. The album title refers to the glorious, rare moment in a New Orleans parade when the band stops to take a break but keeps noodling with their instruments for the crowd. Vibing, keeping the energy up, when they’re completely in the moment they sync up and the magic happens – a new tune is created: On The Spot. It also points to the way Hot 8 have had to adapt, learn and live from moment to moment throughout their career, and their lives.

“Bottom Of The Bucket” epitomises Hot 8’s fusion of hard-hitting, heart-on-sleeve sentiment with party-fuelling beats, hooks and grooves; raw funk and charismatic hip hop vocals mix with Big Easy jazz elegance. It is one of 11 tracks on the album that have helped the band get through their up and down moments; honouring fallen friends and the city of New Orleans, here they showcase the new heights achieved after coming back from the deepest lows.

 With the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the separate deaths of five band members, and trumpeter Terrell “Burger” Batiste losing his legs in a car crash, these men have been tested by a barely imaginable series of trials. Their tragic yet life-affirming story has been featured in the Spike Lee documentaries When The Levees Broke and The Creek Don’t Rise, and David Simon’s HBO series Treme; 2016 interviews with Mary Anne Hobbs (6Music) and BBC World Service’s Outlook chimed especially intensely with listeners in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement. Transcending genres and trends, Hot 8 have performed and collaborated with artists from Lauryn Hill to Mos Def, The Roots to the Blind Boys of Alabama, and featured in a hugely diverse spread of media.Honouring their city’s musical traditions while forging their own powerful legacy, their story continues apace via each new and exciting release.

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